Thursday, December 8, 2016

Crafts on the go..

 On our travels I worked on a dishcloth I had started at home....

I brought some 'scraps' from 'Quilt for Kids' and was excited to pull out my machine and get started on them. It is nice to have the cutting done as my space is limited here! I'm anxious to see what this scrappy quilt will look like!
There is a mix mash of squares... I divided them into dark and light colours.
I am planning on doing a 'Disappearing 9 patch.... hoping it comes together with the squares I have....

Years ago I saw a cape a lady made... have searched for the pattern...but finally decided to try it on my the time I thought how easy it was... so I found some chunky yarn....

I enjoy having 'projects' on the go is the best time for me to work on a variety of things!

To be continued...sometime:)


  1. I always have to have something to "work" on!! You have plenty but I finally sent off the hat pattern I promised to send. I'm sorry it took so long, I have been so busy with work for the hubs!! The pattern includes the hat and mitts, I did not do well with mitts when I tried them. They are small work for me and you start on double pointed needles. They seemed tedious for me!!

    Your knitting is beautiful!!

  2. You selected some great projects for your travels. The needles for the cape look huge!

    I've found that preparing quilt kits (pieces all cut) makes sewing enjoyable away from home.

  3. Never an idle moment with you, Bev! Great projects and I look forward to seeing the quilt and cape - I really like the yarn!

  4. You do stay busy! Will look forward to seeing your quilt!


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