Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Wednesday Walks

 Our first big walk this season in Yuma...
 It's the Big morning walk we do... past a golf course
Down the canals... about 2 1/2 miles!


  1. wow, 2.5 miles, what a nice comfortable walk - best done during a cool morning!!! pretty views and it's always best if you catch a bit of the sunrise!!

  2. I love your walks! What different views here than what you have back home! After my toe surgeries this year, I am finally able to walk again! But just over a mile is about my speed and even that takes 40 minutes!

  3. Beautiful, is that the morning mist/fog I see lifting from the fields?

  4. What a contrast to your walks in BC!
    Beautifully calm and serene morning!


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