Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas in the Desert.....Singing Christmas Tree

This is the second Christmas we have spend in the's different not having the cold and snow....but we take opportunities to enjoy the Season...
We  attended the outdoor Singing Christmas Tree....
The evening was perfect for it ....
This was the tree with the lights off....not too exciting!
The lights of the tree danced with the music.. It was a fun Christmasy evening in the Desert South!


  1. I love it. It would be fun to be one of the choral members.

  2. So lovely! Have a merry Christmas and wonderful New Year!

  3. How very original to go see and hear a singing Christmas Tree!

  4. WoW!! how beautiful and festive. this is so unusual, i have never seen anything like this!!! i was not able to get the video to work :(


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