Sunday, February 20, 2011


This weekend my husband had a milestone birthday. Our family were all together to celebrate. The following is what one of his children wrote about him:

'The Sixty Year Happy Birthday Poem for My Dad...
Back to the beginning, back to the start, He had a Mom and Dad on the farm. A brother and a sister on the farm is where they would run and play. He got into trouble on that Ol' farm. Jumpin on horses from way high up in the barn. A few years down the road time did go. He met the love of his life well wouldn't you know. He met her at camp, they got married soon after and began their own trek. Three kids and a dog come into their life. They lived in Calgary for a mite. He had a construction company he named after his kids. He became a carpenter and a teacher too. He liked to go camping and fishing it's true. He coached football and would play games in the yard and taught his kids how to work hard. Then he had not one grandkid and not even two, but Seven...his favourite number well Howdy Doo Doo! He takes them horsey riding and camping and to sporting games. He takes them fishing even in the rain. He pretends he is a dog or a horse for the littlest one and like the others she thinks he is a whole lot of fun! He teaches them games and does woodworking with them. he liked to take drives down the road with his wife, his very best friend - his partner for life. They travel south in their Pleasure Mobile meeting interesting people taking turns at the wheel. He tries as he can to make the most of his days. Spending times with ones he loves as best as he may. He knows that this life will not be the end but only the beginning. For when time here is spent, he will meet his Creator the One who lives in his heart. The one whom he trusts even when things fall apart. He knows that His promises always are true and that his days are numbered and even his hair is too!! So Happy Birthday to you my dad and my friend. I love you lots and have learned from you how to depend on the one whom has died and has risen again. The one whom redeems me and calls me His friend. So that while we are here you have taught me these things. To love those around me and on Jesus to lean. To share with all who will listen to tell them the news. That though we are not perfect today we can choose. For eternity has already begun in our hearts. We have a God who loves us and has from the start! Love you Lots... your child"
And That really does sum up my husband! Hope you have a wonderful year dear!


  1. What a beautiful post. I truly love the poem- and YES!... It does summarize everything about that man;)

    A wonderful blog you have- it's a place I know I will love to visit!

  2. lovely poem and lovely blog!
    looking forward to following this and keeping up to date on your travels etc!


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