Thursday, February 24, 2011


Applesauce Oat Bran Vegan Muffins

Sugar Plums
Today I baked for a trip we are taking. For the past year we have tried to eat all whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables and really, really try to get rid of all our animal protein. That being said...I like to bake before we leave so we are not tempted to buy unhealthy treats.
As I was baking my bread, it made me think of my mom. I was the last child of 4. My mom and dad were older when I was born. I have memories of mom being sick a lot of the time. Mom has been gone for some time now.  As I was baking bread I thought of her... when I was a young a girl she baked bread often. I have the white bowl that she mixed it in. I loved eating the dough....and most of the time the only dough I got to eat was what was left in the bowl after she had formed the loaves.
Whole Grain Bread
I can remember about 2 times...seeing my mom sew. I believe she sewed my older sisters clothes...but she sewed me a doll dress...from scratch? Without a pattern!  Man... I can sew but not without a pattern. She played the piano by ear...hmmm I wonder who inherited that from her....sure wish it would of been me. She was a very special person. I did get to care for her the last 2 years of her life. They were VERY SPECIAL years for me and my husband! The most important thing I remember about mom is her praying...every night for her children. Thank you mom. She also had a read "Only ONE life will soon be past...only what is done for CHRIST will last." In this busy day and age...when I tend to think mostly of my needs I hope that I can remember how true that is!
Doll Quilt Mom made


  1. Love this....a heritage passed down to you....and now you are passing it down yourself. that bread still warm? I'm coming to town today....;)

  2. Looks like tasty snacks!-so great you are passing down things taught to you-what a blessing! (Sugarplums? -do they really have plums in them?)

  3. Thank you both for the lovely comments. Yes I can warm up that bread!! And Sugar Plums...they are dried fruit and nuts chopped in a food processor rolled in coconut.

  4. Can I have the sugar plum recipe?


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