Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sewing Studio

Remember...read the pattern....cut on the straight of the grain.

This month marks the 9th February that I have been teaching sewing. It all began because I wanted to teach my grandaughter how to sew. She is now helping me teach! In the past years I have taught 6 of my grandkids and have 1 more to go!
 I started with 9 students in my first session. Some years I had over 40 students. I have taught over 100 students how to sew!  Students can start when they are 6 and some are still coming when they are 13.
We have sewn in a corner of my husbands woodwoorking shop. In his woodworking shop. Within a music room. Then we got our own room...decorated by my daughters. Thank you girls .. we all think it is beautiful! 
Press after you sew...it improves the quality look of your garment!
We have sewn sewing bags, pj's, pillowcases, quilts, backpacks, niteshirts, slippers, aprons, hoodies, pant, tops, dresses, stuffies, mother and father's day presents, Christmas presents, the list goes on....
We've had fashion show 'plays', fashion show displays to strut our stuff!!
Today ends another session. Thank you students for all the good memories!
Remember the seam allowance...
We trim not clip the curves...not to close to the stitching...
So is the length okay?
That is one BIG Stuffie!


  1. THIS has been an incredible experience for my kiddos...(some more than others;)
    And good learning too...remember how Molly sewed something she shouldn't;)

    Thanks for all your great teaching.
    Now if only I could learn to sew....

  2. wow i wish i could learn to sew!!:):)
    that looks like so much fun!!
    this is a great blog i will be looking at it alot!

  3. So glad you enjoyed it....to bad you don't live closer I would LOVE to teach you. Looking forward to hearing from you again!


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