Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ice Tea 'Fresh' from the Garden!

I have this huge peppermint plant in my garden that I hardly use and it tends to want to take over my garden, hmmmm...
So I picked some leaves and gave them a good wash...
I put approximately 1 cup of loose leaves in my tea pot and filled it with almost boiling water.

(now maybe you should dry the leaves before you make tea?? 
Maybe this fall I'll do that...but it seemed to work with fresh leaves.)
While the tea was seeping I filled my French Press a generous 1/3 full of frozen raspberries that were fresh from my garden last year.

(At this time of the year I am at a loss at what to do with them...as the new ones will be coming in about a month!)
I added about 1 1/2 tbsp of liquid honey (I don't like it real sweet so if you try this you may have to adjust sweetness) to the raspberries, then once the tea had seeped I added it to the frozen raspberries. Wait about 5 minutes and press...
Add ice cubes to tall glasses...
Garnish with mint leaves and there you go!! 
Delicious and a great way to use that mint in the garden and last year's frozen raspberries... 

When this year's raspberries come we'll try it with fresh ones... and fresh strawberries..

If you try this...let me know how you like it!


  1. Sounds interesting....know what you mean about the mint taking over...had some once.

  2. what a good idea! we have mint EVERYWHRE!!!

    have a great day!! :)

  3. oh my gosh. at a loss as to what to do with berries. to have such a dilemma!

  4. LOL...My berries a dilemma!! We get so many...and you can only eat so many fresh....family does take some too but we always are trying to USE UP the frozen ones at this time of the year!

  5. ooooohhhhh that looks so good!!! how in the world did berries last a whole year in your freezer. you must have had a LOT of berries!!

    mint will take over your garden, i think garden centers recommend growing it seperate, in a pot!!!

  6. Yes I know it SHOULD be in a separate pot...but then in the winter it freezes...so I aggressively 'Weed' around the plant weekly all summer long!

  7. I love mint and I love your recipe. Perfect for summer.

  8. At the last house we lived in, we had raspberries, blackberries and LOTS of mint! There's nothing better than adding mint to iced tea! The drink made with frozen raspberries sounds wonderful! I need to find out if there are any ripe ones here now! ♥

  9. This looks so good but I don't like mint. If you have way to many raspberries you could always ship some my way! ;-) I just planted a bush this year, how many years does it take to get to fruit bearing? I'm hoping by next year but I'm thinking a few years???

  10. Can you send me your email address? Mine is: skcz at comcast dot net

    First of all - glad you liked my post today - I am kind of in between soaring and not! So I figured I could just make myself soar today whether I wanted to or not - just one day right?

    I love you blog

    And I wish I could have some of this raspberry drink!

  11. Skosztował bym tych smakowitości :)


  12. Well....firsthand experience tells me this is delicious.
    Coming over for more.....


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