Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Aprons- Heritage & New

I have an apron of my moms...
It has seen better days...but I remember mom...
always with an apron on. 
Maybe that's why I seem to always be sewing an apron.

I have been looking for Heirloom Lace to recreate this apron.
 I won't do the hand embroidery
(yes that is all hand embroidery...the material is an old flour sack!) embroidery machine will have to suffice...
A few years back I did make my daughters and daughter-in-law a re-creation of this...
but I would like to do one for me and ummm.....maybe my sisters? 
Well see.....

Meanwhile I have picked up a few pieces of cloth for aprons.
My first with my new vintage patterns...
I enjoy sewing aprons...don't seem to wear them much...
but they make a nice shower gift or hostess gift.
Do you wear aprons?


  1. No I don't but my grandmother made aprons and gave them as gifts.

  2. No I don't, but I love them - I may have to go out and get one. The one your mom wore was beautiful!

  3. I love aprons both vintage and new, and wear them all the time...In fact I have one on right now.

  4. My mother wore aprons, too, but only the short ones without the bib top. I have several aprons and wear them occasionally.

  5. oh - i love the fabrics you chose! i've recently started wearing an apron and love it...very handy indeed!!


  6. no aprons. no real cooking or baking for me! :)

    love your mother's apron. it's greatness...

  7. I LOVE your Mom's apron, it's almost too pretty to wear and spill things on! It's amazing that it was made from a flour sack, we sure could learn a thing or two if we went back in time.

    I always wear aprons at work, sometimes at home, but there's something about an apron that makes cooking come a wee bit more from the heart. I love the one apron you've finished, it's so pretty!

    Enjoy your day.

  8. No apron-wearer here, but maybe I should -- my t-shirts always have mustard or mayo or something on them.

    Adorable apron.

  9. I love aprons...usually wear them around the holidays...


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