Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Round and About My Town

Final Post about My Town..
We have Three Lakes
Barnett Lake
Cranna Lake
Elizabeth Lake
A Creek
Wolf Creek
Numerous Wetland Areas...

A stocked fishing pond
Len Thompson Fishing Pond
Home of the popular Fishing Lure...
Numerous Walking and Biking Paths and Trails...

Well thats it for My Town Posts...for now...
If you haven't checked out the other posts about My are the links....
Character Homes in My Town
Downtown in My Town
Murals in My Town


  1. Beautiful lakes and creek...I do miss living by Lake Michigan and my husband catching salmon. We do have some creeks and streams for fishing here tho.

  2. You have some wonderful water around you and it makes great no beautiful scenery to look at!

  3. all the lakes and trails would make for wonderful living!

  4. You live in a wonderful area.

  5. We have a small pond, but I would love to live by a lake. Your "town" looks wonderful! :)

  6. You've a beautiful town! I am looking forward to checking out the Frank Peretti video you mentioned on my blog! Thanks for the comment!
    Have a glorious day!

  7. It seems such a fascinating place to visit.

    so beautiful views!

    i love your photos.

  8. Looks like a great place to visit and live.

  9. This really makes me miss living in a smaller town, the city life leaves something to be desired but sometimes we do what we gotta do. You live in a beautiful town, it's so pretty and quiet I bet. Yup, I miss my small town living but at least I have the farm to go to once in a while, where my boyfriend lives. I won't drive on the highways in the winter though so I'm a summer country bumpkin! lol


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