Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Christmas Gift to Make. . .

My basket of little gifts is ready. 
Every year I like to have a little something to give to my friends who visit or drop by during the Christmas Season. 
This year I made Christmas Coasters.
This is an easy little gift to make. 
If you're interested in making some keep reading and I will attempt to guide you through the process.
Gather the material you wish to use. You will need 3 co-ordinating fabrics.
Cut your fabric in 4 1/2" squares.
For 1 coaster you will need :
1 square for the base (call this the base fabric)
2 squares of your 2nd fabric
2 squares of your 3rd fabric
I made 12 sets of 4 is my fabric after the squares had been cut.
Press your base square flat
Press the other 4 squares in half with the right side out.
Here I have my 4 coasters.
Green is the base.
The stripes and circles have been pressed in half.
Now the hardest part... lay the 2nd fabric that has been pressed in half along one edge of the base. 
Make sure the raw edges are all together!
Then take the 3rd fabric and lay it on top of the base and 2nd fabric, on the next edge of the base.
(Make sure raw edges are matching...believe's easy to forget that!)
Then take fabric 2 and place on the 3rd edge of the base...note you have circles, stripes, circles.
Then you take your last pressed piece, lay it on the last edge of the have to lift the edge of the first piece you laid, to put the right halve of this strip under it.
So then you have your coaster looking like the picture below.
You will have 4 squares showing -if you have laid your pieces correctly.
Lightly pin pieces together.
Below I have all 4 coasters pinned and ready to sew.
Sew a 1/4" seam.
When you come to the corner you want to do one angle stitch to make your corners 'square' when you turn it right side out.
 So you pivot...
Stitch one stitch and pivot again...then continue stitching down the next side
This is what the corners should look like.
Once you have all 4 sides sewed -  trim the corners as close to stitching as possible.
Turn the coaster right side out.
Poke out the corners
Press and you have your coaster finished!!
Hopefully you can make your own Christmas or whatever coasters!

 I am going to give away a set of these coasters.
If you would like to enter the draw all you have to do is: 

1.  Be a follower of my blog
2. Comment that you want to be in the Giveaway
3. Mention this giveaway in your blog (if you have one) with a link to my blog

I will make the draw on Saturday Dec. 10th, and have them in the mail the following Monday so hopefully you will get them in time for Christmas.


  1. What a wonderful giveaway and thanks for sharing how to make them. Count me in!

  2. Hey what a nice idea taking the time and having something for your friends. That is not a present it is a presence. sandie

  3. Those are lovely! What a nice idea. Your guests are very lucky! Please add me to the drawing. :)

  4. Great job! You certainly are talented!

  5. The coasters are perfect gifts for friends. Thanks for the tutorial.

  6. Well, I already follow you,#1. I just posted a blog that includes #3 and this is #2! :)

    The coasters are wonderful! What a very sweet gift for your friends! (I do cookies - they don't last as long!)

  7. *sigh*
    And there you go with your talent for sewing again. Sometimes I wonder just how it skipped a generation!

  8. Flora these are amazing, you're so talented! If I don't win the coasters I'll have to take a drive for a cuppa tea! lol I'll mention you on my blog, will do that in my tomorrow's post as I've already posted tonight and for some reason I don't think that Christmas coasters would go with my post... you'll see what I mean if you take a peek on my blog! lol Have a wonderful day!

    Dawn have you ever tried to sew? I have sewn a bit, far from a pro but that first quilt, I'll never forget it!

  9. Darlin.... I am having a Christmas Friendship Tea Tuesday at 1:30... can you come??... Dawn could sew...I am sure...wanna know a secret? She taught some of my sewing classes for a while:).... seee


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