Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How is your weather?

We had a beautiful frosty morning!!

The moon was in the western sky.
The world looked like a winter wonderland 
It was a frosty -17 which made for a wonderful crisp run & walk.
I love the hoar frost and I have heard that 90 days after a frost like this...
You get a big dump of moisture....
so if this calculation is correct....
March 11, 2012, will it be rain or snow?


  1. I'm trying to figure out where "my" Minnesnowda has gone. We have no snow! Temps way above freezing and NO snow in site! Thanks for sharing your lovely photos.

  2. It's warm here today -- supposed to be in the 40s. Is that el nino or el nina? Can't remember. Love your frosty photos -- so pretty!

  3. Lucky your - it looks beautiful!!! We are having gale force winds, rain and hail - again. We are wondering when it is going to stop.

  4. Great photos: I love frost.

    Heat wave here this morning with 8 degrees F. and a predicted high of 25 degrees. A bit of snow remains from the last storm.

  5. i could hear your feet crunching in the snow/ice!

  6. No snow here yet...Yesterday was in the 40's.

  7. We were in the 50's - and I predict rain. Remember to let us know.


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