Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Wrap Up...

Shortly after I posted on my Blog yesterday I received an email from my daughter with a note. After watching the video... I thought she had sent it to me as she had read my post ' Post Christmas Blues'...but she hadn't, she had just sent it to all her family and friends. It was to much of a coincidence not to share it with you...and really takes care of any Post Christmas Blues! The video great..

She also sent the following inspiring note....

Isn't it SO incredible that we have a gift that lasts beyond celebrations through the mundane everyday routine of life-that Christmas REALLY DID HAPPEN and that we can celebrate EVERY DAY that God OFFERS US THE BEST GIFT when he came to rescue us from ourselves and what does that means for us? That we have everlasting HOPE,JOY,PEACE, GRACE and all that amazingness that NO ONE ELSE can give available to us and that we don't have to really die?  So whatever you are doing today, even if it is cleaning up the pine needles (I know... most of you have fake trees)  or whatever you are doing - remember that YOU are loved by a GREAT BIG GOD who came to rescue us from our wrong choices and selfishness!!   He really is I AM.  We can celebrate Christmas EVERY SINGLE DAY!! I pray we REALLY TRULY believe it and ACCEPT THE GIFT he has offered, that we wouldn't be quick to forget but that we remember what He has given us throughout the year and that it will CHANGE US and that it will bring us JOY! ...."
WOW! after this can I ever feel the Post Christmas Blues?

I found a new recipe for Turkey leftovers. I have a very fussy hubby where left over turkey is concerned...but he loved this meal!
Click here for recipe

I made my own pizza crust recipe.
Spread one cup of cranberry sauce,  2 cups of dressing.
3 cups shredded turkey  - 2 cups of shredded old cheddar white cheese
Baste it with Olive Oil and press in sesame Seeds
Bake for 20 minutes at 400 F, slice...
I served it with homemade french fries...and the left over gravy.
 I think it was much better than just leftovers! 


  1. Wow...You have an awesome daughter. She hit the nail on the head. EVERY day is Christmas.

    And---you are a great cook!

  2. now that is a good way to use leftovers...

  3. What an amazing video!! I 'shared' it on my Facebook Page. Thank YOU! We all need to be reminded of this glorious truth.
    I love your daughter already!

  4. Thanks for the recipe - it looks like a great way to use holiday leftovers.

  5. You have a sweet daughter - no surprise - and your a great cook - no surprise! sandie

  6. i already know your daughter is awesome!!

    and yummo....this dish looks amazing!!

  7. I first saw the video last Christmas and loved it.
    Thanks for passing along the wonderful recipe.


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