Monday, December 12, 2011

Do you Remember . . .

Do you remember Holly Hobbies?.... 
Well I found a doll dress that I must of cut out 30 some years ago, from material dresses were made for my little girls.

I thought it was now or never to sew up the doll dress.
So it is now finished...after 30 some years....
It will fit the doll I made for Christmas for my granddaughter.

It has been years since I have knit.... 
My little granddaughter brought a Barbie doll the last time she visited. 
I sewed up a few outfits for the Barbie...then remembered I had this pattern....

Do you remember the first Barbie's?.... 
This picture looks like some of the very early ones....
and knitting Barbie clothes is much easier than sewing them....
And I forgot how much I enjoy knitting!


  1. So glad that new granddaughter brought back those old wonderful talents...the dress is precious!

  2. Great gifts.

    I agree that knitting tiny Barbie clothes is much, much easier than sewing. It looks like you are almost finished. One of the Christmas pins in my collection is a Holly Hobbie. Such fun!

  3. She's going to just love it...I know my granddaughters would. That gives me an idea for next years gifts. I remember Holly Hobbies.

  4. how cool. i saw a barbie in a store this weekend - they recreated the 1965 version, which is about the time i got my first one. love those dramatic cat-eyes from those days. :)

  5. I'm not sure where my comment went, it must be Monday morning! lol

    I remember Holly Hobbie, such an adorable character and the dress you sewed is amazing! Your granddaughter is going to love this I'm sure. The barbie knitting book is priceless, you have immense patience making barbie clothes. These are such priceless gifts, the best kind... made with love!

  6. My daughter collected Barbies when she was young.. some things never change, like Barbies ageless figure.
    Hugs n smiles,

  7. I loved Holly lobby!! Livin' ur Scripture and snapshot too ;)

  8. I smiled, reading your post. I never had a Barbie, I was a baby doll kind of kid. When my own daughters came, I ended up making so many baby doll outfits...and several Barbie outfits as well. : )

    I hope you enjoy One Thousand Gifts. I read it through once, but am really enjoying journalling slowly through the pages a second time through. I'm forced to hold some difficult/hard thoughts/questions....which make me stronger in many ways.

    Many Blessings ~ Sandi

  9. I had on doll like a Barbie...but never had the REAL Barbie... we could not afford the real thing!!..and I enjoy your journalling thoughts Sandi!...would love to sit down with you over a cup of coffee!


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