Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Desert Hike

I thought we should do a explore around Yuma. 
I found a little hike 4.3 miles round trip... No problem.
 Hiking in the desert is different from what we are use to.
Living close to the Canadian Rockies...we are use to lakes...trees
These mountains...are quite brown...but I have to say..
they do have a beauty of their own!
The information on the hike...had said it was steep...?
We hit a few rocky spots...
In the our destination...
By all those poles...
The hike is called
Telegraph Pass
A gentleman on his way down, took our picture.
 The last part of the hike is were it gets steep...
I started worrying....if I would be able to get down:)
 Trail head elevation is 499 ft.
Elevation gain is 1227 ft.
At the the east you can see the farm land of Wellton,
To the west... the Foothills area and Yuma beyond.

Now we just have to go down...
We passed this little guy on the way down...

As well some cacti starting to bloom....


  1. you've got some great color popping out there!

  2. Great hike and photos.

    I'm glad you explore the area(s) you live. So many people don't bother.

    Was the hike down difficult?

  3. I'm proud of ya for bein' active---and you got to see the country, too.

  4. I like it! And that you found color in that:)

  5. That looks like quite a climb but look at the views you got. Wonderful. Hope you enjoyed your trek - it looks very hot!!!

  6. At first I thought it said 43 miles! Ha. Beautiful walk and pictures! sandie


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