Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I walked by this.... 
then I though....
Someone is going to get it....and we don't have a BBQ down here...
We don't eat much meat....so it's not a great need.
But in the last month... I fried steak for 2 sets of company....
Now that would be a handy freebie!
So I just picked it up and away I went home!

Inside was everything we needed!!
It's been awhile since we have used a BBQ like this!

We started with salad....
On our new dishes...
(A find at Kohls...$1.49 a plate)
 Our whole meal fit on the BBQ..
It was so nice to cook outside.... the temp was around 80F
 What a great find...and we had a great meal!


  1. I can picture you running don the road with that thing:)))
    Looks yummy!

    1. LOL...well it was dark out so that gave me courage... I had a towel and wrapped it around it:)...and I almost ran.... Boy do you know me girl...or maybe you just know you:)

  2. What a great find. Is that homemade tortilla on the grill? What ever it is it sure looks Yummy!

    1. It is NAAn Bread... with garlic and cheese on top!

  3. You sure did luck out there - and the food looked great - and so did you! sandie

  4. Great score! Very fun that you made a meal with it right away. Looked very good!

  5. Do I see more BBQ'ed meals in your future?

    Great find and a tasty-looking meal.

  6. Looks really good! I like simple bbq grills with real charcoal---just like yours.

  7. I love 'dumpster diving' as we call it! Can you BELIEVE the things some people throw away?? Of course just this morning I saw someone going through MY trash!!

    Good for you!! That meal looks absolutely delicious!!! And even HEALTHY!!


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