Thursday, February 16, 2012

Grapefruits...and more Grapefruits!

Our neighbour gave us grapefruits...
Another neighbour took Brian picking grapefruits..

The tree was very tall ...
they had a picker that you use to twist the grapefruit off.
The tree was full of grapefruits..
.even though the owner has been picking all week.

We now have more grapefruits...

We've made grapefruit salads...
Had grapefruits for breakfast...
Made fresh grapefruit juice...
Grapefruits...a nice way to celebrate!


  1. Those look so good. How fun to be able to pick 'em fresh!

  2. Yummm, all fruit and veggies are that much better when they're fresh. That's so cool you get to pick your own grapefruit... now my taste-buds are watering! lol

  3. Grapefruit doesn't agree with my medications, so I don't eat it anymore. I MISS it!

    Enjoy your bounty.

  4. I can't eat grapefruits - but they sure look pretty. sandie

  5. Grapefruit straight from the tree - don't get much fresher than that.
    I bet they are really tasty - even the word grapefruit makes my cheeks draw in thinking of the taste of them.

  6. you will definately be getting your vitamin C

  7. I have never seen a grapefruit tree before!!


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