Monday, March 19, 2012

Lettuce Days

Yuma is the Winter Vegetable Capitol of the Nation.
They grow vegetables 12 months of the year.
So it stands to reason...they would have "Lettuce Days"

It was a fun experience...
We arrived on our preferred transportation in Yuma...

Parking was a problem for those with cars...
but we got to park at the front door!

There were Markets...
Salad Bar for $2.00
Different Cooking shows...
We enjoyed watching one chef make veggie flowers...
He could make a cantaloupe flower in 2 minutes...

Yes that was about 2 minutes!
Giveaway Booths...
We went home with: 
container of lettuce, 
cans of pineapple juice (which came in handy on the ride it was very warm) 
and mandarin oranges.

We had a wonderful day!


  1. Looks like fun. The canteloupe flower is beautiful!

  2. I don't have a canteloupe on hand - wonder if I could make that flower with a potato?

    1. Maybe...he had special tools for cutting...the potato would have a harder surface than the canteloupe

  3. What a beautiful cantaloupe flower and a fun place to spend the day. You guys sure look like you're enjoying it there.

  4. that canaloupe flower is awesome...looks like a fun day...

  5. that's neat! love the cantaloupe bloom!

  6. What an adventure!

    Sure wish I had access to this fresh produce at such low prices. Enjoy some for me, too.

  7. sounds great....i love farmers markets!!

    and those mellons...WoW!!!

  8. What a fun way to spend a day. I'm very impressed with the cantaloupe flower.

  9. Lettuce Days! How wonderful! You are sure having a good time! I would love to make 'food art'.....but then we would just EAT it!
    If I do art I want to be able to display it or hang it on the wall.
    However I would love to have one of those edible bouquets. They look SO good!!!!

  10. That sounds like a fun place to go. DO they offer classes on making veggie flowers?


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