Monday, April 8, 2013

Happy Homemaker Monday

Another week..the sun is shining this morning after a cold snowy weekend!! I am linking with Sandra

The Weather...
Right now... 
I have finished the morning clean-up...I am sitting looking at the patio...the sun is shining...there is snow on the ground!

I am so happy the sun is out !! I am hoping the repair man that is coming today to fix the bathroom ceiling in our apartment comes sooner than later today!

On My Reading Pile...
Same as last week...

ON My TV...
We did watch two programs last week...
Person of Interest and Murdock Mysteries

Blog Hoping..
I have enjoyed Seven Alive

On the Menu This Week...
Monday - Strawberry Spinach Salad with Feta and Pecans - poppyseed dressing
Tuesday - Sweet Potato Gnocchi
Wednesday - Hubby's cooking!
Thursday - French Onion Soup
Friday - Chicken Wings with Homemade Fries

On My To Do List. . .
Day Trip back 'home' again 

In the Craft Basket...
Crochet Plastic Bag 'bag'
Starting cutting a making of a quilt

Looking forward to this week...
Lunch with my sister

Looking around the house...
Everything is in 'order'...laundry to fold.

From my Camera....
The weather kept me in last week... This was what the outside was like...
 I wrapped up my wool scraps into slippers... still have scraps but I'm slippered out.
On My Prayer list...
Friend with medical needs..

Bible Verse...
Romans 12: 1 & 2
......Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind....


  1. sorry about the continued cold and snow!

  2. That weather took my stomach away - I know you are so ready for spring. Sandie

  3. Love that format. It's like listening to you think. Cute slippers. I'm busy today getting ready to leave for AZ tomorrow!!!

  4. bev, you are a happy homemaker, i always enjoy your energy. you have just the right amount, not over the top so that i feel shamefull!!

    i won't mention that it's 70 degrees today....nope, i'll keep that to myself!!

  5. Love your happy homemaker post! Can hardly BELIEVE your weather!!! I am working outside today in the flower beds.
    Those slippers are adorable. Were they hard to make? Crocheted? Do you ever share your patterns?
    Okay - I am going back outside! Just needed a rest!

  6. hope the warm up heads your way soon...sounds like you have plenty to keep you busy...

  7. It's snowing here today with a strong wind. Three to six is predicted, and I think it will easily meet and exceed that accumulation. I keep telling myself, "We need the moisture" and we do, but I am weary of this weather.

  8. Oh wow, I can't believe you still have snow :( If it's any consolation we have mud :(
    Your menu looks yummy!!

  9. I can't believe you still have snow, my word.

    LOVE the slippers, how adorable :) And your menu looks so good, sweet potato gnocchi YUM.


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