Monday, April 29, 2013

The Wild Side...

 Middle Granddaughter came to the city for a visit....
We  took a trip to the zoo.... she was the photographer!

It was a cool day.... but we had fun...

 The Fox was resting..
 The Tiger was nosey
 The Zebra was was showing his stripes!
 There were quite a few wise guys!

 The Elephant, Lucy was getting ready for her walk in the pasture. I did LOVE LUCY!!
 The Prairie Dog was out...
 This Guy was trying to be cool..
 The seals were having a good old time!

It was a great day at the Edmonton Zoo... and my photographer was a joy to have!


  1. she's a doll. :) glad you had a great day!

  2. Your photographer took wonderful photos - I love the tiger!

  3. What amazing photos!!! LOve the groung hog! Your photographer is great!! ;)

  4. oh i love the pictures!! she is a cutie!!

  5. I like the tiger photo!! (what a cute granddaughter you have!!)


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