Sunday, June 23, 2013

Miscellany Monday

Happy Monday Morning to you!!
I have been enjoying my city walks... 
I love that we live downtown and I can go for walks...
And leave the busyness of the city and find peace and quiet
in a country setting just down a path the middle of the city.
These walks are my favourite time of the day..
This weekend Grandson 4 did a 10KM run in the city with his younger cousin...
it was a beautiful day to be out to watch a run...
Some take running very serious!!

Grandson 3 celebrated his birthday this weekend..
14 years of birthdays!!

Those of you in Canada would know about the flooding in our province...
but for those of you who live South of us... 
The southern part of our province has had devastating floods...
Here is a picture of the City of Calgary downtown....
picture off the internet
 A number of cities and towns have had been hit hard with flood waters!
I believe it's a reminder...that we are not in control...
It makes you stop and think...what is important....

Hope you all enjoy the first week of summer!.
The above picture is another one of my Granddaughter 2 pictures...
Watch for another post of her pictures this week!

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  1. A beautiful place to walk!! You have a whole family of runners that is sad with the flooding glad y'all are ok

  2. That sounds like the perfect mix- close enough to the city, but still able to get away for some serenity!

  3. No, I hadn't heard about the flooding - thanks for the heads-up and the photo. Prayers to those dealing with the destruction and mess of the flood waters.

  4. Running, it "runs" in the family.....I have seen him before!!

    I did not know about the flooding, terrible, nature is in control!!

  5. ooohhhh and granddaughter 2's picture, very nice!!

  6. truly terrible flooding. wish we could divert that water to colorado to fight their fires. *sigh*

  7. I have read about the floodings there. I am so sorry for them. Happy birthday to your grandson. And the running looks like a great day. sandie


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