Friday, October 14, 2011

Hobby...or not?

"A hobby is a regular activity or interest

 that is undertaken for pleasure,

typically done during one's leisure time."

Seventeen years ago my daughter was expecting our first grandchild. 
My sister had 4 grandchildren that every Christmas she cross-stitched a Christmas Ornament for. 
I thought this was a GRAND idea!!(?)
 So, I started making my first grandbaby his first cross stitch ornament ....
Seventeen years later, I have 7 grandkids.
 I totalled it up and I have made approximately 75 ornaments over the last 17 years.

There were years I was frantically trying to finish them up a day before Christmas! 
Some years I ended up buying a few as I didn't have time to finish all of them!

The past two years I have been able to wrap them up well before Christmas... in November when we head south...I can start all over again for the following year:)
Next year I will have 1 less ornament to do as this is the oldest grandchild's last year to receive one. (I am thinking once they are 18 years old...they shouldn't get too excited about an ornament:) 
So I only have 14 years more of doing this...then they'll all be 18 ...sigh

What makes me continue to do this...I'm wondering is it a hobbie? 
(did I mention I DO NOT enjoy cross-stitching)
Well hobby or not... here's to 14 more years of cross-stitching!


  1. This is wonderful - what a great thing to have started for them - I know they will love and appreciate it - especially as they age.


  2. You are creating treasured items for your grandchildren and their future families. I think it is a labor of Love and NOT a hobby.

  3. hahaha....I didn't realize you didn't like it!!!
    It's because you are so thoughtful and giving and love your grand kids to darn much!

  4. a hobby that has turned into a habit that has turned into an obsession! can't stop now!!! :)

  5. Well Dawn you are right I do love them too much ( although you can never love anyone too much!) and TexWisGirl..... Yes that is exactly it..... a HABIT I can't quit...I am hooked!! and I can't stop until its finished:) Nancy and Chatty... I can only hope they continue to enjoy them...I do know they treasure them now!!

  6. What a lovely idea. My goodness but you have made a lot. You will be getting quite good at it by now lol.

  7. I am so glad you are doing it, it is good to do thing we don't enjoy and I love helping . I miss not doing them as I haven't had to for two years now.
    ok I can help you when we are together. xo

  8. Okay... I'll have one for you to do...when you come to YUMA:)
    xo..or I could mail you a couple..:0

  9. How thoughtful of you -- you are a good grammy! :)

  10. What a wonderful way to touch the lives of these precious relationships. Great foresight...great love.

    I began purchasing special ornaments each year. I try to get dated ones. I begin the hunt in late summer. So far, for 2011, I'm still searching!

    Many blessings for a wonderful weekend. Sandi

  11. I just decided this year to start giving the grandkids ornaments for Christmas. It's my way of cutting down expenses - with 20 grandkids it gets a bit crazy. Cross stitching sounds like a good way to go. I used to x-st all the time.


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