Monday, December 1, 2014

Filled with Gratitude

Our time in the desert is coming to an end as we will be heading home for Christmas! I've so enjoyed our USA Thanksgiving and Black Friday!! I don't like the crowds...but I enjoy the experience!!

One of our park neighbours puts up wonderful Christmas lights with Christmas music...this year he started them a few days early so that we could enjoy them before we leave.
We love walking by in the evenings...watching the lights and hearing the music...

Being a Canadian girl Christmas- cold and snow go together   .... 
I am still in awe as we walk through Christmas Tree lots in shorts and tank tops...

We'll head home to family, cold and snow... i hear there is lots of snow...
We'll get to wear toques (being down here... I realize most Americans have no idea what a toque is:) mitts, boots scarves, heavy coats...we'll walk in the snow, shovel the snow and ski...

I can't begin to express the gratitude I have that we are able to enjoy both worlds!


  1. Safe travel as you make your way North.

  2. You are especially blessed!!! Safe travels! Hope you can post on your way home. That way WE can travel WITH you!!

  3. I can hear the gratitude in your words, it sounds as though you have a wonderful group of neighbors in the USA!! Safe travels!!

  4. It is a special thing to be able to spend time in both countries and enjoy the climate changes between Alberta and Arizona. We'll be heading down in January for awhile. Travel safely...the snow will still be here when you arrive.

  5. It sure would be odd to see Christmas lights and hear the music without cold and snow, or if we're lucky just snow! lol Happy trails to you and drive safe!

  6. Thanks for stopping my blog from Coventry. I'm an American and I didn't know what 'toque' is - now I do :).


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