Friday, December 5, 2014


My this is wonderful ......... I would not have imagined it would be like this!!!
Over thirty five years wondering what would this look like when it finally came.
Well the past five years have been a "transition".  I don't think "cold turkey" would have been the way to go. In fact it seems as if I have slipped into a "different life style" with my best friend. We like it!!
Know doubt there will be adjustments to be made along this journey and we will keep you posted.
Keep in mind this is my reflection and is not the same for all retirees.

The biggest positive change I feel is "the quality use of our time". Being able to focus in on what is important to us at this stage of our life and appreciating it.
For example:
Shop Time
Father/Son's Campout
Kayaking - Father/Son
RVing with my Best Friend



  1. Good to see your post, Brian, and looking forward to many more.

    I agree that retirement is a wonderful time to experiment with new and old hobbies and to reconnect with family.

  2. And I am so happy to get to tag along with you!!! You really do have the best of both worlds!!

  3. I agree these are the best days, back together just the two of us reconnecting and spending our time doing all the things we love to do. And then enjoying our adult children and the grandbabies just puts the icing on the cake!

  4. Glad you two made it home safely for the this vision of your retirement. Very special time!!!

  5. oh I could not agree more!!! it's (mostly) about me now and I kinda' like it!! we are having the time of our lives!!!!!


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