Monday, December 8, 2014

Happy Monday...

 I love the frost...hanging around!!
We had a full weekend..
Christmas recital with a granddaughter.... 
Nutcracker performance with another grand...
Freezing rain and icy roads....
Ready for a new week!!


  1. I love hoar frost, too. It makes everything sparkle.

  2. i could not get you pictures to load. "but i see it in my mind and it's breathtaking" (quote from chevy chase, christmas vacation) ;)

  3. hi, bev! nice to see you stop in! glad you are enjoying life in that wonderful winter land you call home! :)

  4. Welcome home Bev, you made winter look beautiful and yes it can be, but it sure can get cold too. It sounds like nice weather for the next 4 days, wow I just checked it out and on the plus side tomorrow. I hope this phone has it predicted correctly! lol

    Have a wonderful week! Oh, how was the Nutcracker? I was thinking of taking that in.

  5. Beautiful is a busy time of year!

  6. awwwww, this time I can see them and they are really beautiful!!


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