Thursday, December 4, 2014


Monday morning 4:30 am...we hit the road. I don't know why...but I have a hard time sleeping when I know we are going to be I was up at 3:00 am... got all ready then woke hubby up and it wasn't long before we were driving away!

We didn't hit any snow until Utah...and it was just in the distance!
We drove 13 hours Monday... and 13 hours on Tuesday...We have made this trip often over the past few years and we never tire of it!!
. I keep busy when I'm not driving... 
The scenery is beautiful! And has changed since our drive down.

Middler and family live in Southern we visited on our way thru...
Hubby was put to work....saving a trip to the hairdresser!
Such a talented man I have:)!! 

(He has been wanting  to do a few posts on my blog for a few years. 
These posts are now in the works and will be posted occasionally!)

We are now unpacked...
We put our tree up before we I just have to do a bit of decorating and the house will be ready  for Christmas!


  1. Pleased to hear you arrived home safely. How clever to put up the tree before you left!

    Looking forward to reading your husband's posts.

  2. I am enjoying your journey, and looking forward to your hubby's posts too. Wonderful!


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