Thursday, January 29, 2015


We were headed for New Orleans....but there was so much more....

Did you know Louisiana has Parishes.... not County's?  Maybe this has to do with the large population of Acadia's ... the French Louisiana region that is home to a large French-speaking population. Very interesting seeing French and English signs... it was like being back in Canada!

 I found out what a King Cake was....
 I learned about Crawfish.... (check on the link to see them). They grow in fields like above... this one was extra wet as it had just rained! Below is the net they catch them in.... We never tasted them...and I don't think I want too. They look like lobsters...but are tiny! When I was told you had to suck the heads out... I decided not to try them.
I now understand what Marshlands are....

There are Bayou's everywhere!! I REALLY like Louisiana!!!


  1. I've had crawfish a couple of times. Eating them is messy (I only eat the tails) and a lot of work for so little meat. They are tasty, though.

    Love your photos? Are you headed east from Louisiana?

    1. Dang auto correct! That should be "love your photos!"

  2. Wow!!! Looks like fun!! And I wouldn't have eaten crawfish either!!!!


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