Monday, January 12, 2015

Gathering of the Gunfighters

This weekend we attended the 'Gathering of the Gunfighters' held at the Yuma Territorial Jail. 
It was a fun event....lots of Western dress...
There was a number of groups competing.... They perform a 'skit' that ends in a gunfight ....each group is judged and on the last day awards are given out for the best performance.

This was all new to us....we never realized that these groups travel a circuit competing throughout the country!
It was a fun experience.
We had visited the Jail a few years back and walked through it once again.
From the guard house you could see the river valley... a beautiful winter view!


  1. Watching the skit looks like a fun time.. I love the view of the river.. Beautiful shots.. Have a happy day!

  2. You and Brian have the most interesting adventures!

  3. This looks like so much fun!!! I love your life!!!


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