Thursday, February 19, 2015

Fort Augustine

We traveled along the Atlantic Ocean  .... I love the ocean!

For lunch we HAD to try Alligator
The waitress said it tasted like chicken... it wasn't bad...then I got a dark piece of meat.... seemed very fishy tasting... hubby loves fish so I thought he would like the dark... but HE DID NOT!!:)... the waitress informed us that 'reptiles' meat close do the bones have that fishy taste... We were DONE eating reptiles....L O L
Fort Augustine is the 'Old City'... I believe it is the oldest one in the USA... I love the history...


  1. Isn't it fun to try local delicacies when traveling? I've heard that alligator is tasty.

  2. You two are sure seeing some neat places.

  3. I loved seeing this post! I have never been to St. Augustine even though I came close once. I have always regretted I didn't go!
    Thanks to you two, I will know to pass on the alligator meat if ever I find myself where they serve it!!


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