Monday, February 9, 2015

Key West Views...

Why go to Key West...?
 Lots of Bridges .....
Cool birds...

 Roosters roaming everywhere int town!
Beautiful Ocean Views...

 Biking... you can bike all 178 miles of the keys.......if you want!

I could go on....the old buildings....the shopping...the food...the Cuban Coffee...
 I enjoyed so much more in this place.... but I better end....

Love this area....hopefully one day we can return......


  1. Our first trip many moons ago with the kids. I disliked the long boring bridge to get to the hotel.
    The Hotel was nice and the rest.

    Next year we went to St.s Pete's. Year after Disney. To each there own where they chose to go I say. Your pictures are lovely.You enjoyed it. That is great.

  2. Gorgeous photos, especially those of the sunset.

  3. Jim's been wanting to go there someday and I'm thinking that someday needs to come pretty soon. Beautiful photos.

  4. ohhhhh i am so happy for you to be out of the cold and enjoying your time in this beautiful, warm place.

    your images are just fabulous!!!

  5. I'm going back to see where all you and Brian have been!!! Still basking in the glow of our good time today!! Thank you SO much for taking the time to spend with us.......

  6. I'm so happy you got to meet Linda and Louis Dean... I am lucky to call her blog friend and real life friend ..., it's a small world we met through blogging and we live in the same town...your photos are beautiful!

  7. Great to "meet" you through Linda. How special that you guys got to meet up! Love seeing your travel pics! My husband and I have almost always had an RV. Love them!


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