Monday, February 23, 2015

Jeykll Island

Off the coast of Georgia....

We found a wonderful treat.... a quiet Oasis to spend a couple days!
Lots of history on this Island...this is the Horton House...
This is the Island Club House... in the Historic area where there are 33 Historic Buildings ...the Wealthy built cottages on this island for their summer retreat. These buildings have been restored...
There are little shops in this area to browse.
There is a nice area to have a lunch or coffee in this garden area..
Pictures of a few of the 'cottages'...
Goodyear Cottage
Rockefellers Cottage
The island is full or HUGE Oak Trees...covered with Spanish Moss...
And did I mention bike trails.... there isn't place on the island you can't bike on!

Beaches... I believe there is 8 miles of sandy beaches..

If you need Island time...this is the place to go...if you like a natural area..with little commercialism...

If you want to read more about the island click here.


  1. Beautiful area!

    Hmm, my definition of "cottage" is certainly different than whoever built these large houses. ;o)

    1. LOL...yes they were some had 20 rooms and 6 bathrooms!!!

  2. looks like a great spot, sun, fun, bike paths and there anything else????

  3. looks great! and GREEN! we have snow and sleet in texas today.

  4. What a wonderful "get away " place! Thanks for the tour! Keep having fun!

  5. This looks so good to me right now! We are still covered in snow and have cold temps!


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