Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Character Homes in My Town

I have travelled through little towns enjoying all the older cute homes...forgetting that there are lots right in my back yard. I live in a town (well it is now a city...but to me it will always be a town) that is full of these older homes. In fact in the late 80's we bought a house built in 1912. We renovated it... It was very interesting the things we found and I'm sure the stories they could of told... and then there were the layers of wall paper! Each layer told a story...and a smell!

Well I have decided to do some posts on my town. It'a funny how we often don't appreciate the things closest to us...sometimes when I am out walking, I think; if I was visiting My it would look. AND it would look like a neat Historic Town.... so here goes the first post on My Town.

Hope you enjoy some of the Character Homes. . .
I love that roof!
I always wonder who has lived in these homes throughout the years and what their lives where like?
If the walls could talk the stories they could tell! Of laughter?
Of tears?
Of death?
Of a birth?
This one is now a museum. One of the Governor General's of Canada was born here.


  1. oh, these are wonderful! every one of them is perfect in its own way! love the first little 'swiss' cottage type. and the simple little cracker box homes as well as the 'mansions'. it's true - we take what's right around us for granted that we don't see the beauty others visiting might see. thanks for this!

  2. Number 2 reminds me of a pagoda and number for a Luthern church:)

  3. that was fun...the 3rd one is my favorite


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