Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dill Pickles

Harvested cucumbers from my garden. . .
This year...I remembered to plant dill as well!
I have a recipe called "One Jar at a Time"...

It's a simple recipe.  .

1/2 cup pickling vinegar
11/2 Tbsp coarse pickling salt
1 tbsp sugar
garlic (Optional)
quart sealers
Was jars, place in 225F oven for 10 minutes to sterlize. 
Bring snap lids  to a boil and then keep hot in water

Place dill and garlic in bottom of jars.
 Pack cucumbers tightly into jars. 
May put more dill and garlic on top of cucumbers. 
Then measure vinegar, pickling salt and sugar directly into jars. 
Fill jars with boiling water. Seal with lids. 
Shake until sugar and salt are dissolved.

How easy is that!


  1. They look wonderful...I'm going to have to remember to make these next season.

  2. wow...that's my kind of canning recipe! :)

    have a great day in the Lord!

  3. Great recipe! Nice to be able to do small batches!

  4. easy and awesome!! i am inspired!!

  5. now that is a great easy...

  6. I don't know about easy, but I do know about delicious! sandie

  7. Sounds like an awesome recipe -- if I get some cucumbers to grow next year, I will definitely try it! :)

  8. Oh how I wish I had some pickling cucumbers because I would put up a few quarts of these pickles! Thanks for the recipe.

  9. Those look so delicious - but I don't know about easy! sandie


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