Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Walk down the road...

Hubby and I walk alot. I walk just about every morning...but this one day I turned right instead of my usual left turn...
What have I been missing....
Quiet Country
 Farm Animals...
 This one did not like his picture taken...
he started straight towards me...
All these years and I've never taken this walk..
...right in my backyard!
I think I'll be walking 'Right' more often!


  1. Ha! It's amazing what you can miss in your own backyard! ;)

  2. isn't is amazing what adventures we can find in our own back yard...or city...

  3. Pretty nice! When I discover wondrous things right under my nose, it makes me wonder what ELSE I've been missin'....

  4. Since I am a country girl, I'd turn right again, too. Thanks for taking us on your walk.

  5. Are we creatures of habit...have to fight it more often.

  6. What a nice walk and it looks like a lovely day too.
    I've come over from 'It's All About Purple' to read your page and I like it. I'll be back

  7. Amazing what we find when we zig instead of zag. And the cow probably thought you had brought him/her some treats. :

  8. Sometimes the best things are right in our own back yard.

    Pat was delighted to meet you!


  9. It's always fun to take a different route whether you're walking or driving. Since we've been taking the back road from Edmonton to Lethbridge the trip is much more enjoyable and we stop to take pictures of things we see along the way. (Lloyd hates the QE2 We always turn off it at Lacombe).

  10. You must live in a beautiful area Flora, and I am so glad you took the turn! Your photographs are wonderful!


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