Thursday, September 29, 2011

Three Sisters Mountain Range

CaI think I've done enough posts on the Canadian Rockies..
Bear with me as I do ONE more . . .

 My earliest memories about these mountains...
were my sisters telling me...that THEY were the Three these mountains,
then I came there were four of us...
so they are no longer the Three Sisters.
 That was MANY MANY years's funny how some things stay in your mind.
To this day I look at these mountains and think about . . .

So really...they still have a claim to these mountains:)
Canadian Rockies Three Sisters Mountain Range

One thing my sisters all have in common is that they all made jointed Teddy Bears. 
I have a bear from each of my sisters, 
My sisters may not realize it...but I TREASURE these three bears. 
And there will always only be Three I have No desire to ever make a jointed bear....

The Three Bears


  1. what a remarkable sight to see!! and the bears, adorable!!

  2. Very nice place! Also in Italy we have some mountains like these ones.
    "Ciao" from Italy

  3. What special bears! I have one sister and treasure the things she's made for me over the years! I made a few bears...they are NOT easy! ♥

  4. Too sweet the bears are adorable. I'll never tire of your beautiful photos of the mountains.

  5. Isn't it wonderful to have sisters? I love each one of mine dearly even if we rarely see one another. I loved seeing the Three Sisters as well when we visited Jasper in April, such a cool sight to see.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. What a wonderful sight the three sisters mountain range is and what a lovely post. Your sisters must be very clever to make those teddies they look so cute.

  7. Oh, my!

    1. I have never seen the Canadian Rockies, so I never tire of looking at your pictures or reading your thoughts.

    2. I am an only daughter. I have enjoyed not having to share my beloved daddy with another girl. I like being Daddy's Little Girl. Still, I watch and listen to sisters and know I have missed something there as well. Growing up with brothers, having four daughters, was, and continues to be a constant learning curve! : )

  8. How special to have a bear from each one of your "Three Sisters." :) I'm sure you have given many precious gifts to them over the years as well.


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