Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Monday Morning

It started out like a normal Monday morning. Hubby was about to start the coffee, when he got a frantic phone call. Our daughter was in town and saw a mouse in her car. So he goes to see if he can rescue (the mouse) our daughter. About a half hour later our car drives in the driveway with daughter driving...hubby is driving her car...they never found the mouse. I was informed that her dad...pulled his socks over his pant legs before he started driving. So hubby sets a trap in the car...and we have a coffee.

About a half hour later...our son-in-law arrives...he opens the car door...he comment is... "So...you'r just waiting for the mouse to jump in the trap"?

Now he gets down to the nitty gritty!
 Everything comes out of the van...
 No its not engine problems...we're looking for a mouse...
Finally they found the mouse house ... but NO Mouse
So much for the peanuts...sorry kids...the mouse got them!
The van's all clean....once last inspection...and NO MOUSE!
Guess what...the trap gets set again...
 Three and a half hours later.... daughter leaves...
without her vehicle...
Once there is a mouse in the trap...
she'll pick up her vehicle...
She left with the son-in-law.... 
(hmmm wonder how many mice FAMILIES are living in that truck)
...don't tell her I even thought that!:)

Sooo how was your Monday Morning:)


  1. hahaha....is this a story about dawn?? i see her running shoes!! great story, wonderful details...sooo funny!!

  2. Oh my goodness...I'm laughing so hard I can hardly type. Let us know if you ever do catch that mouse ;)

  3. that sounds like one of our adventures! although i would have had to keep driving the car with the mouse in it and pray for the best :)

  4. ..after mountain man looked for it, he would have done that of course :D

  5. Those furry little critters are speedy and sneaky. Since the weather is turning, they are looking for warmer quarters.

  6. very funny.
    Tell me you wouldn't have done the same thing. I could have been driving and it could have crawled up my leg...and I could have been in a terrible collision....

    hehe. It was kind of funny;D

  7. LOL!!! Dawn! so much for that 'getting used to country living' post you did!!! still laughing!!! thanks for letting us in on your daughter's weakness, flora!

  8. This made me laugh and I know how this is. Living out in the country we have a lot of mice problems with the mice getting into our cars. They once ate through my wires in the hood and my car would not start. Hope you get the mouse! blessings,Kathleen

  9. Hil-a-rious!

    And yes, I'd probably have done the same!
    Anne x

  10. What a wonderful way to start your week! This was just so GOOD!!

  11. Not as exciting as your Monday was, that's for sure, Flora. :D
    Now I realize just how boring my life is.
    Thanks for the chuckle at your Daughters expense.


  12. So funny! I saw a mouse run across my dash board while I was driving....I completely panicked...I very much relate to your daughter's predicament!

  13. Funny! We have had mice, snakes and cats in our engine...none of them are fun.

  14. I'm with Dawn...I nearly knocked both my kids over to run from a mouse...so I feel her pain....

  15. Ha ha - put a big smile on my face !! Maybe instead of the mouse trap you could have fumigated the inside of the van - run a hose from the exhaust back into the van with all the windows closed. Of course, no guarantee you'd find the mouse but you could be sure it would have expired ... till the next one set up his/her winter home ! Ah, the curious 'blessings' of country living.

  16. I hate having to share any of my spaces with mice. We've had a problem this summer with squirrels setting up home i our attic!

  17. LOL way to funny! I just realized something, Flora you're Dawn's Mom? I would never have known without the links... what a small, small world!

    Dawn not to worry, I'm just as freaked out by mice... well almost as freaked out! LOL


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