Tuesday, September 25, 2012


It's been an adjustment...leaving our yard and home and going into a condo.
Back home...it took us a day a week to do all the grass cutting, trimming, weeding...
Now I sit and watch it being done..
I don't miss the big yard...but I do miss having a yard....

My time seems to be taken up with visiting coffee shops...

Walking the trails...

And enjoying the views...

I know winter is around the corner...so it's hard to stay in and do much else!
And I still have lots of walks I want to take before the cold comes!!


  1. i would miss the freedom of my own yard/space. i know you must, too.

  2. I would miss the space around me that a yard provides. I don't like being surrounded by people all the time.

    Glad that your new area has places to walk and enjoy the view(s).

  3. i know exactly what you mean!! i LOVE having a big yard and all my gardens but it's a lot of work these days!!

    i "think" it would be awesome to rid myself of all that and enjoy the things you are doing!! it looks soooooo pretty there!!

  4. It is nice to have your own space isn't it? But I can imagine it must be nice to see somebody else doing all of that hard work!!!
    Your views do look lovely - enjoy your walks before the cold weather comes in. :)

  5. Looks like some lovely walks around your new home. I'm downsizing the garden lots this fall so I can just sit back and enjoy it next year.

  6. it's hard to give up on things...but I bet you will find lots of new adventures


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