Wednesday, September 19, 2012


This has been a year of many changes. This spring Middler daughter moved to Southern Alberta, in the area where my grandparents farmed and my parents once lived. Mom and Dad lived in the town where my daughter lives for a few years. My oldest sister remembers living there and took us back to where they lived.
The old hardware building....This building was on the corner by the road where you crossed the Railway Tracks to go to mom and dads house (1940's) in Okotoks, Alberta

Mom and Dad's house...
I love imagining my parents living there...young and with two little girls...
 A walk down town...took us to two buildings made into restaurants...
My sister recognized this one as the church they attended when they lived here.
 We had to eat here!!
Inside the 'church'
 Behind is the 'pulpit' area.
My sister and Middler...
Then we took a drive to where dad use to work...He worked at the Chinook Flour Mill.
It operated in the Mahon House ...
I would of never believed this beautiful house was a flour mill!
I loved walking the streets where mom and dad once lived...see the house they lived in...the place dad worked... I'm thankful that my sister was able to show me these places...
Is it just me...or do you connect with times past?


  1. I, too, love to retrace the steps of my ancestors and make a distant connection with them and their lives.

    Your photos are fun, especially the fading murals on the buildings.

  2. a wonderful entry....and a great story!!!

  3. I love going back to places I grew up in and more so the places my parents lived, genealogy is another thing I enjoy, I research Grandparents long gone before I was ever born and before it's over with I feel I knew them personally.

    Enjoyed your trip back and was proud you took us along for the ride :)

  4. I loved walking back in time with you. So much simpler times. I do get a little misty though. There were great pictures!

  5. I love to go to old haunts too. That's why I love going back to Nova Scotia so much. You can feel the history in the old places. Now nice that your daughter will be enjoying feeling her roots there.

  6. family memories are the best...great photos too...

  7. What a wonderful nostalgic post! Yes, memories and roots are very important to me. The smell of moth balls, an open campfire and clothes dried out on the clothesline bring back a flood of memories. It was so good that you were able to still see the house and the old store signs! Just a lovely post!

  8. I love connecting with times past...though the neighborhood I spent a large portion of my life in Brooklyn, NY is not safe to "walk" around these days :0(. Still, the familiarity...the smells, the sounds, etc. are always quite comforting to me. That town/area looks simply lovely! So beautiful and the houses are just great. So glad you had the time to visit and that your daughter can be near family.

  9. I enjoyed walking with you and going back in time - kind of nice to see one's roots. You can only feel the past.

  10. How great to see old places and how they change. Thanks for sharing your memories with us. Some great looking buildings there too.


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