Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall is here!

Fall is here and our temperatures are wonderful!
This weekend we enjoyed warm days in the high 20's C!
Saturday we enjoyed the day down at the river.
Edmonton has a beautiful river valley!!
Our oldest grandson was in a rowing event 
 It was a beautiful day to enjoy the race!
We had a great view from the foot bridge.
Sunday took us to Southern Alberta...
where we had time to relax and enjoy the fall colours!
I think fall is my favourite time of the year...
The sun still has some warmth...
the colours...
What is your favourite time of the year?


  1. the lovely fall colors on your side of the world is making me wish we had such a season on my side of the world...lovely photos of one lovely day :-)

  2. ah, that's lovely. still plenty of opportunity to return to more rural views for you. :)

  3. I love Fall, too, especially when it is a gradual transition.

  4. Lovely views! It is indeed becoming fall there! How nice to see the boaters from the bridge!

    I'm glad you've been to Tucson and have seen the saguaros first hand! If you ever get back in our vicinity, be sure to let me know! I'd love to go to Canada!!! :-)

  5. Pretty photos! I posted a few myself from this weekend. Surprisingly they are similar...a bridge, foliage, water, etc. My all time fav time of year has to be fall...the crisp air hints of burning wood, the colors, the smell of yummy things baking. Winter follows and it is a close second! I hope we get snow this year. Last year was a bust for snow in NE PA! I LOVE snow. i bet you get an awful lot of it! Enjoy the weather!

  6. great photos...I love summer...good thing since I live in Texas....

  7. I was in Alberta last week (which is a long way from Houston). Flew into Calgary and traveled south to Waterton, and that is a truly beautiful area. Then headed back into the U.S. to visit Glacier National Park, and the drove back up to Calgary for meetings.

    The weather was fact, almost too magnificent. I didn't know what to do with those two sweaters that I packed.

    I love Alberta. Last January I spent three days around Banff and Lake Louise, and then in June drove that magnificent drive up to Jasper. I have to encounter bad weather (in fact I am always invited back because I always seem to bring good weather).

    I have never been up to Edmonton. Your river valley is providing the encouragement that I need to visit.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I am a native Calgarian!! Banff and Lake Louise were common place growing up. We would often drive to Banff for the day.For the past 30 years we raised our family in Central Alberta around the Red Deer area... this is the second time that my husband has had a contract in Edmonton. I know a native Calgarian should never say this... but I prefer living in Edmonton(!)..and there is nothing like downtown Edmonton! The river valley is just wonderful!!! Edmonton doesn't have the mountain view...but it has warmer evenings since it is not so close to the mountains!

  8. Very nice pictures, I normally enjoy the spring and summertime for the warmth, but the fall colors you just can't beat.

  9. FALL is my favorite, too!! I am NEVER ready for it to leave! LOVED all your pics! MORE!!! MORE!!

  10. Bev I think that spring is my favorite time of year. It seems different to see our city on blogger, I love it! Is your oldest grandson in university? That must make your heart dance to be able to go out and watch him compete. And our weather has been so beautiful, from the looks of things this week is going to be another nice one!

    Have a wonderful day!


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