Friday, September 21, 2012

Another week wrapped up...

Well another full week over...where does the time go. 
This morning I decided it was time for a morning walk...the weight room every morning just is not my thing... so I hit the pavement to get my dose of Exhaust!

The most annoying thing for me walking in the city...
Is having to stop walking!

We don't have to walk far to come to beautiful views of the River Valley.
This morning the sun was reflecting off the trees and with fog coming off the river..

It is a beautiful city and I'm looking forward to all that we have to explore!
Have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. I agree that stop lights are annoying for walking: it is hard to get up a rhythm.

  2. That was beautiful. Have a good weekend too.

  3. glad you can at least get some beautiful views.

  4. so fun, to have a new area to explore!! what a beautiful view!!

  5. Your last shot is certainly a wonderful view!

  6. what a view. are those fall colors? (:

  7. The view makes it all worth it.

  8. That's a beautiful shot over the top of those trees. Very peaceful looking - even for a city!!!

  9. Confirming my note on your later entry.


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