Monday, September 17, 2012

City Living

City life...what a change. 
Our house sold this summer. 
We had a number of options for our life, but the two that stood out was...
Hubby to take a contracted job for a year...
Well the job won out!
So here we are in the city, living downtown for the next year!
Hubby leaves for work...a 25 minute walk to his office building downtown.
I visit the weight room in our condo...
I know longer have this lane to walk...
But this is the scenery I have 
when I go for my walks now..
I'm really missing these guys...
But we get more time with this girl...
There are days we wonder...where we would be if we were on the road...
But we're ready to embrace this 'season'...whatever it may bring!


  1. and if it is only for a year, then there's lots more adventures to come. :)

  2. You are in the a great season - just a new adventure and then you will go on another one.

  3. I love new adventures. Sounds like a great one for you.

  4. a change can be good...are you still in Canada?

  5. It sounds like an exciting new year ahead of you - enjoy!!!

  6. Living in the city (downtown) would be exciting. I bet your area has LOTS of adventures. Make sure you share them with us.

  7. I do love your attitude! It will serve you well!

  8. It's wonderful to have choices. Now you can enjoy city life for a year, enjoy all the culture, people, shops, hustle and bustle. Then next year, who knows where you may be. Traveling ~ I have a feeling that's in your future.

  9. There are always good things that come with change, you have the right idea and I can see you know what is important, "But we get more time with this girl" this statement says a lot :^)

  10. Most of the time we don't like change but it can be a good thing that makes us stretch our wings and find out what we are made of....sounds to me you are on the right track.

  11. Beautiful climatic photographs. I am greeting

  12. Just for a year? A year passes by so quickly and there's always something to do in the city. I find that I'm just as busy these days as I was with my studies! Mind you I'm volunteering, networking, and yes painting again!

    When I've had my fill of the city I get out on the highway and head for the farm where I find peace and serenity. Come winter though I won't be traveling the highways, I don't like winter highway driving at all.

    I'll email you and we can set up a coffee or nice cuppa tea sometime.


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