Tuesday, October 2, 2012

High Level Bridge Walk

If you like, come with me on a walk across the High Level Bridge. 
The day is warm...we still have the beauty of the fall...and if we wait we don't know how the weather can change.  
On our way we'll take a detour to the Legislature Buildings. 
Here there are a number of pools that children can wade in on a warm day. 
I'm thinking in the next week, they will drain some of them.
We get to the High Level Bridge..If you look on top of the bridge..
On the south side of the river is the University of Alberta and the University Hospital.
In among the University is the Rutherford House. Home of the first Premier of Alberta.
It is now a museum and has a wonderful Tea House, I love to visit....

Oh yes...the stairs...
We can cross the river another way......
If we walk down these stairs we can cross below the LRT tracks to get to the Tea House...
(can you guess how many steps there are?)
We'll go that route to the Tea House...and see the quaint place...
The weather is getting cool....
it may snow...so we'll see maybe next week we'll go
Hope you'll come along!!
And we'll count the steps... to see who got the right amount!


  1. i love the idea of using the one pool as a skating rink!! what a beautiful place!!

    i'm in, counting the steps sounds like a fab idea!!

  2. Life sure is different for you guys...I love the photos, I always count steps as I walk up them...I know I'm weird, but it helps getting up them much easier ;)

  3. What a gorgeous walk with all kinds of interesting things to explore.

    The steps would be a good workout. I'm guessing 210 steps.

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  5. lovely shots...just stopping to say hello :)

  6. Such beautiful spots! I love to watch a show on TV called Cash Cowboys. The reason, they antique pick, but they also show the most beautiful places in Canada!

  7. that was fun I got to see Canada in my p.j's.......

  8. Oh I agree with all that said Beautiful! Looking forward to visiting Canada some time! Fall is gorgeous!


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