Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Locals....

It's been almost two months 
since Hubby and I have moved to the city. 
Most of you know that we enjoy walking...
and most days take me out walking somewhere around downtown.
 Living an experience that I really enjoy...
You have the high rises...all the business's...the rush hour traffic....
the college...its a busy place!

You have the condos for rent...the condos people own...
 The apartments... for rent and sale...
Students, executives, couples, the elderly,
 families all live downtown
There are some houses that people still live in... 
The highrise condos and apartments...
One day... I past this grocery cart...
but it didn't have groceries in it..
this cart intrigued me...I mean it really intrigued me...
 I looked at that cart and realized that it had everything in it ...
one would need to live... 
It was everything the owner owned!

Well the next morning I was out walking...and I got a picture..
My mind was flooded with all sorts of thoughts. 
What kind of person owns this cart?!
Since then I often see this cart when I'm out walking..
Each time I past it... I notice he has it all... 
extra mug...water jug...
tarp.... bags of bottles to cash in...fur coat...a bike...
Everything one would need to live life!!
He doesn't have any upkeep to speak of... no bills....
I think of this person often..I wonder...
who his parents were...did he ever have a family...
Why is living on the street...
and not in one of the apartments or condo's...
I know there are places he can sleep inside ...
I know there are places he can get a warm meal....
What does he do all day???
The downtown area is his home...
I really wonder...
who is happier... 
 or the one in the high rise penthouse?

I realize that the homeless are in every city...
coming from small town Central Alberta...
I haven't seen it for years...
so I guess 
that is why it made such an impression on me. . .
and everyday... I think....


  1. It certainly makes one think why a person would choose (or have to choose) to live on the streets.

  2. I always look on those carts with sadness, wondering if the lifestyle is a choice or has been forced on the person. And with winter approaching, I pray that there's somewhere warm for the night. And I blessed I am with my humble abode - who needs a penthouse?!

  3. sadly, so prevalent in the cities.

  4. Homelessness is an "invisible" component in today's society. These individuals are in small towns as well as large cities. They aren't always as flamboyant as the gentleman who owns the cart, but they are there. They are survivors, and there but by the grace of God, go I.

  5. Survival, but it breaks my heart, one of the reasons I don't enjoy New York City.

  6. It just breaks my heart. It is a testament to what one can do without though.

  7. my Mom's cousin lived on the streets for years....his family tried to talk him into coming home...but he refused....finally his daughter talked him into coming off the street after 30 was a big adjustment...

  8. There are so many homeless people out there now, some wouldn't have it any other way and others are there due to circumstances beyond their control, each person has a story, they all came from families and are someones child, I have talked to several and their background makes you wonder how in fact they ended up living behind a dumpster and pushing a shopping cart full of their belongings.

    Excellent thought provoking post.

  9. We used to see the homeless when visiting Chicago and I'd go home thinking about them and how they live and how I live.

    It really does make you think.

  10. i can't help but always ponder when i see something like that...everyone has their own story. it's sad to me but i know that some have made that decision...certainly not all. at the homeless shelter i was cautioned to ask before i took any pictures because "some don't want to be found." that hit me like a ton of bricks.
    anyway, i didn't know y'all moved!

  11. My goodness it must be a hard life living on the streets like that. It makes you wonder why they make that decision. A very thought provoking post!!

  12. I bet he was homeless - I will tell you that he has more then our homeless seem to have.

  13. Well It is sad but the way the world looks today folks.

    It sure is not a bright outlook. Have you ever heard that some of the

    homeless was once people who were boss's in big companies or owners.

    Then all the walls came tumbling down.

    I watched a documentary last year. This is where I got air of it.

    Do you know we all can be a step away of living on the street of

    poverty. Ouch you may think. What a horrible thing I have said.

    It will either drive people to the brink if it happens who have loss

    homes or

    business's. They think they have failed their spouses, kids, friends.

    You know if you

    have know anyone who has lived in the 6 figure number. How it must be to

    be down and out. Horrid.

    I was shocked to hear all that. Todays kids have been spoiled and now

    if parents get laid off can those kids except dad is not the dad who

    gave them all things. Or will they be out on the streets robbing the

    rich. God forbid.

    I know Canada is suffering of loss of work. All over the world. Teens

    can not get even part time jobs this summer.

    It is plain heartbreaking. These kids are the future they say.

    If this occurs Poverty and Food stamps here we go.

    Our money will be worthless. Our gold if one has any.

    Not worth anything. I am so glad I moved from the city.

    Those Condo's Maintance fees. Sky high and the rate of young people

    being killed is big cities. Sad,sad. Kids start lose the love their

    parents gave them. They

    become cold and shooting, robbing is nothing to them.

    So yes. We all can be a step away from walking the streets.

    I dont think people make decsions. It is done for then in a world we

    live. No medicare. If you have no job for medication. You are ill.

    You lose what you once had.

    You sure do think. Those people are trying to survive. Yet some become

    wine drinkers. They try to drown their sorrows.

    I bet that cart has

    blankets. Whatever and now without having any money. Most of them have

    gone head wrong. Almost one short a brick in thinking.

    What would we be like.

    Your looking at them the street people.

    Our Grandchildren will not see the future of hope. Unlikely.

    They may never even see old age Pensions. So sad. Perhaps our grown

    kids wont see it even.

    So you brought up a great topic. We all have our voices.

    We are all different thinking.

    Yet it has made us Think. I bet most people will say. They dont want to

    work. They caused it.

    So if they did. They are people. Right now they are HOMELESS.

    And that is something we are all part off. We see them. It is up to us

    to ignore it. It will go away. It is not going to go away.

  14. Bev what sickens me is we are the richest province in Canada and every time I see a homeless person I want to scream at our government and see what they are doing for those with no place to sleep at night or a place to cook a meal. My niece goes to school near Whyte and she comes home and tells me about the homeless youth, she talks to them and they're not where they are by choice. Many come from broken homes, there is one young boy who is 16 and has been on the streets since he was 12, his mother is a heroin addict and our society has definitely let this child down. 12 years old, it's hard to even begin to imagine. I want to take this boy in and help out but that's not how to help by no means, it's time to advocate for changes within our system and we all have to become vocal about this issue. I'm grateful you brought this social injustice to light, thank you for this post.


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