Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rutherford House walk...

One of my favourite places to visit and eat is the Rutherford House.
 It was the home of the first Premier of Alberta and is on the property of the University of Alberta. 
At one time they were going to tear it down, but fortunately it was preserved!
 There is a tea house, gift shop, museum in the house. 
It also is rented out to the public for different events.
Inside the rooms are as beautiful as the outside!1
The one tea house room is all windows!  I love it!!
This day brunch was served. The meals always look elegant!
Today we walked to the tea house across the Highlevel Bridge 
On the way home we will go across the LRT bridge and climb those stairs.
 (if you haven't read the Highlevel Bridge above on Highlevel Bridge)
The walk is down the valley thru trees!
A bottom view of the Highlevel Bridge.
And here we are at the LRT Bridge.
View of both bridges.

We were able to see the train crossing on top of the High Level Bridge that day!
Now we get to climb the stairs....
At the top...only 2 of you guessed the number of stairs in my High Level Bridge post...
Nancy was the closest...
There are 202 stairs!!
Hope you enjoyed the walk...


  1. An excellent way to spend the morning. Beautiful house and walking paths. :)

  2. I enjoyed it very much! The historic house is just wonderful too!

  3. Thank you for this lovely tour!! What a beautiful area you live in!!!

  4. I love the room with all the windows and that gorgeous staircase.

    Thanks for taking us along on your walk and for climbing and counting all those stairs.

  5. that was fun...and the food looked that is a lot of stairs...

  6. great pictures.....i love to eat!! (wink)!!


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