Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Long Weekend wrap up...

 Anniversary -Thanksgiving weekend!
On Sunday hubby gave me this anniversary present...

My dad was a collector...he never threw anything away. Hubby had a jar of old keys of my dads. Awhile back  I said I would like one of dad's keys for a necklace...
and here is what hubby did!

The chain is beautiful...it matches the keys perfectly. 
He had both keys engraved...one says 40 years...the other has our initials on it...
the same as he engraved on a tree where we were engaged at a lake by Banff!! 
We celebrated our anniversary supper alone.
 (next weekend we will have a celebration with our children!)
We had supper in a revolving restaurant in Downtown Edmonton...
The building revolves  once every hour and is on the 24th floor...

The building hubby spends his days working in...
Down below...

The river valley...
Our meal was delicious and we revolved around....3 times!!
(Earlier in the day we walked to the Rutherford House...and climbed those stairs..
will post on that later this week and let you know how many stairs there are!)

Thanksgiving Monday we spent with our children and grandchildren!
It was a wonderful long weekend!


  1. What a precious gift. Your husband is very thoughtful: he's a "keeper" for sure!

  2. What a beautiful gift from your wonderful husband. Oh I sent out the syrup yesterday.

  3. a truly touching and romantic gift. God has blessed you both.

  4. Hooray for hubby and his thoughtfulness....Clearly you are a couple that knows what works.

  5. what a precious gift, really special!!

    who's house has that magnificant table, in that beautiful room??

  6. What a sweet couple! Happy Anniversary to you! Perfect anniversary gift :)

  7. Sounds like a wonderful weekend, I can see your Husband really Loves you, the necklace is directly from the heart, I am impressed :)

  8. Happy Anniversary...what a cool gift...he's a keeper for sure...Happy late Thanksgiving...


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