Friday, October 26, 2012

Homemade Noodles... and a New Blog!

Childhood Memories... that's what Homemade noodles bring back. 
Mom use to make noodles...I remember her making the dough...
rolling it  with a rolling pin and hand cutting them.
It was a lot of work to make noodles for a meal.

Then she got a noodle machine
and she would spend a day making noodles. 
Sheets would be laid out on the spare bed...floor...
for the noodles to dry. 
Then she would freeze the noodles
to use through the coming months.

My sister came and we made noodles
not as many as mom use to make...
but enough to have for a few meals....
Eggs and flour...
and sometimes a bit of water blended to the right texture..
Then the dough is rolled out...
about 3 times..
thinner each time
Then the pieces are 'hung' to dry... 
the dough can't be sticky when cut into noodles
The noodles are then cut and laid out to dry completely...

MMM ...nothing quite like home made noodles...

Talking about homemade... 
my crafty daughter and friend are making things 
and posting them in their  new blog...
Take a look

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Mmm...those look so delicious, it ALMOST makes me want to make some!

  2. How extra special these homemade noodles are! So neat to be making something from your childhood memories.

  3. Have made these but all the hard way....kneading and rolling by hand.....still wonderful!

  4. My mother made noodles, but I have no photos of the process. After she rolled out the dough, it was draped over chairs by the heater. Later, piles of noodles were placed on the beds to dry. Nothing compares to the taste of homemade noodles!

  5. That's very impressive to me who don't even cook most of the time.

  6. Never had homemade noodles myself but I know anything homemade is always the best.

  7. My MIL used to make noodles and I have tried - but never got the noodles quite right!

  8. yummy...i love anything my mom cooks!!

    the picture on my blog was taken at a reservior, not too far from home. our beaches are beautiful, nothing like that!!

  9. I have a pasta maker somewhere... lol. But I do know how to make noodles the old fashioned way. :)

  10. oh fun... i bought some amish noodles the other day but i bet making 'em is so much better!! :)

  11. Yum, those look really good. You are right - there is nothing better than the homemade ones.


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