Monday, January 28, 2013

Ice on Whyte

On the weekend hubby and I walked to the Ice Carving Festival. 
It was the perfect day! 
The sun was out...and it was only -10C 
...they say that is perfect for the carvers.
 Competitors were still working on their creations...
One day left to finish!
 Amazing what you can do with ice!
Friday the temperatures were on the plus side....
bad for the carvers...even with -10C...
They would put cardboard up to protect from the suns melting rays...
 The area was a 'construction site!
took so many pictures... it was all so amazing... 
I'll post some finished projects tomorrow...
Until then...can you guess what this is??


  1. Wow!! Ice wouldn't last any time down here!!
    No, I can't guess what that is!
    SO interesting!

  2. Great pictures. I have no idea what the last picture is.

  3. nope, no better show is tomorrow!! i would LOVE to see this in person. i would wear my boots ;))))

  4. Amazing!

    I think ice carving is on this weekend's schedule for the local Winter Carnival. I need to check it out.

  5. Well it is pretty to see I will admit!

  6. Fabulous! You could see them in various states of being finished! I think the last one is one of the statues from Easter Island.


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