Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Maple Sryup Snow Toffee

Maple Syrup from Quebec...
Heat it and pour it on snow..
Let it hardened a bit ...then
Roll it on a stick...
It is soft and delicious....
 I opted out and had Maple Sugar Candy Floss... it was yummy too!


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  2. Oh yum! And with all the snow we're getting I just might try this.

  3. love that last shot - the sign is so neat!!! i would love a piece. ( :

  4. I have never seen that before - how interesting!

  5. Oh yum! This makes me miss my dear friend who was from Vermont. She has passed away. But through the years she would bring maple syrup from Vermont and often told me about the syrup poured onto the snow. Just wondeful!

  6. I've never seen anything like this. It looks pretty tasty.

  7. The benches are a lovely design! Oh, and I've never heard of making the snow toffee with maple syrup! I bet its delicious!

  8. but in the pan it looks like yellow snow!! didn't anyone ever tell you not to eat yellow snow?? well i guess you didn't eat it, tell the hubs!!

    this is interesting but i'm not sure it's interesting enough!!


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