Thursday, January 17, 2013


Have you heard about 
 the 'cold' weather they had down south...
I checked the weather map today and some places were still 'cold'...36 F.....

Meanwhile up here we are having a 'heat wave'.... 
it is a beautiful +1 C (34 F) ...we even reached a high of +8 C...
time to get the shorts out:)) (and flip flops)

Makes taking a walk a little dangerous... 
you never know when you will get a mud bath...
Not as pretty as the snow...
But not to worry our cold will be back!!

So where you live.... is it cold??
or is it warm??
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. It seems really cold here in the Houston area! I got in the car here in the RV park to drive the 6 minutes to my daughter's house and was stunned to see ICE on the windshields! It took me a few extra minutes to clear it off and be on my way. We DID sit outside this evening with a glass of wine....but we were bundled up in our coats and a blanket!

  2. I have way more snow here than you do, but the temperature is about the same! lol Have a wonderful weekend, I'm heading north first thing in the morning and I'm not sure if my aunt gets the internet where she's at. I guess I'll find out tomorrow.

  3. I think cold is relative to where you live, what we think is cold isn't cold to others. Last night it dipped to -15 Celsius overnight. The sun is out today but it is still cold. We might get some snow overnight.

  4. we had snow pellets and freezing rain earlier in the week. then 60F yesterday. :)

  5. warm and sunny here...we've seen a tiny bit of snow this year that did not stick!

  6. Daily highs are still hovering around 15 to 20 F in my area, and the lows are still in the negative. An inversion has settled in the valley and will be here until the wind blows it out for good.

    Flip-flops would cause frost-bite here, I'm afraid!

  7. ummmm....enjoyed the "flip - flop" reference. i have navigated similar streets in the floppers, it takes a lil practice!!!

    it's 30 here today and although i don't really consider that cold, it is colder then it's been. full sun and 46 tomorrow, i am going to the beach in my flip flops. i know the restaurant we are eating in and i already know what i am going to order!! omg, there is something wrong with me because all of that is true!!

  8. Not quite ready for shorts up that way are you? Here either. It was cold today and windy!

  9. We have 55 degrees today, my walk this morning was very nice.

  10. We are having a heat wave today in Illinois. It is sunny and 43 degrees right now.

  11. One more mild day today (50 F) before it turns cold again tomorrow. Not enjoying the mud, but I have my boots. :)

  12. Yes, it got downright frigid her in Houstontown...that is, if I am allowed to call 30-degrees frigid. But I'm sure I will have a rude awakening early next month when I venture up to Calgary, Alberta. Brrrr.

  13. After a week in the low teens F in the mornings it is now 20F when I walk Samson and as soon as the sun clears the mountains it gets warmer, but it has still been really cold. I think it may change today and we will get a warmer afternoon. The weather is so weird all over the place this year.


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