Sunday, January 20, 2013

Changing Weather..

Well our 'warm' weather changed...and with the change comes snow... 
I do not like driving on highways in the winter... 

 This is why. 
We were held up for 1 hour...
Have you every had to 'wait' on the highway?
What do you think about when you wait??


  1. i try to remind myself that it is always better to be behind an accident than in it. and no matter how bad my day is because of the wait, it is better than the folks with a damaged car or worse...

  2. Theresa is so right, one second sooner.....

    As soon as the snow starts, I bunker down!!!

  3. Another good reason to always keep the gas tank topped off. I hope you were able to stay warm and safe.

    Yes, my wait was in the summer on the Interstate when a semi truck burst into flames.

  4. Once going north on I 57 we were stuck behind a jackknifed semi for over 2 hours. It was January and it was snowing hard. Very frightening.

  5. That looks so scary. We did once in Merryville, Indiana - not fun either.

  6. Sure have, when we lived in Illinois. I always pray no one is badly hurt.

  7. Why I simply blissfully survey the winter wonderland before me!

    That's easy for me to say since I live in Houston and it may snow once every four years. In fact, one year we had two inch snow drifts.


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