Monday, November 17, 2014

Bread Making...

I have a Bosch...that I use to make my bread. I LOVE it.... I don't have to knead my bread...just mix... let it rise... mix....then just form it into loaves and I'm done! I have never made home down south.

Well I had brought a fair bit of whole wheat flour done, so I thought I would try to make some here...without my Bosch!....
 Made by hand...hand kneaded in my little kitchen and baked in my little oven!
It turned out fairly good...
It was all whole wheat flour...which I don't usually do...but it turned out light and yummy!!! 


  1. Homemade bread is THE best, but I rarely make it. Your loaves look fabulous!

  2. interesting difference in breads, my hubby is the bread maker here, I used to but....and sewing outdoors is pretty cool! My friends from the interior of b.c. have begun to migrate south as well, it is meant to be a long cold winter I hear.

  3. Your bread looks yummy! I love my Bosch too. We are heading to Texas this January and I printed out your Watermelon salad, it looks like the perfect dish for down there and here at home :)

  4. they sell bread at my bakery for 3.50 per I have never made bread......

    it looks yummy and i'll bet the house smelled great!!!


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